A new £1 coin went into circulation on 28 March 2017. The new coin features twelve sides and a series of security features designed to combat counterfeiting.

Please note that from 15 October 2017, the old £1 coin (or ‘round pound’) will no longer be accepted as legal tender.donate your old one pound notes image

The only way people will be able to trade in their old coins for new ones after the deadline, is by visiting their own bank.

Please could any of our supporters with a Lindsey Lodge collecting tin or bucket contact their local supporter group or the Hospice to arrange for any old £1 coins to be banked as soon as possible.

Fancy donating your old £1 coins to us? We’ve got a collecting tin on our Hospice reception, where you can drop them in and every one donated will make a real difference to the lives of the local people we support.