Our Team

Senior Team Management

Karen Griffiths, Chief Executive
Tom Moody, Deputy Chief Executive/Senior Manager Business Development
Dr Lucy Adcock, Medical Director/Consultant in Palliative Medicine
Karen Andrew, Matron
Jenny Baynham, Senior Manager Business Development: Retail and Marketing
Jane Lacey-Hatton, Workforce Manager
Kay Fowler, Support Services Manager
Helen Turner, Director of Clinical Services

Our Senior Leadership Team provide management, leadership and support in the day to day running of Lindsey Lodge Hospice and Healthcare.

As well as their leadership roles, the following members of the team fulfill the following regulatory and mandatory roles:

Karen Griffiths -  Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO)
This is a professional who has responsibility for implementing and managing information risks within the organisation. The SIRO role is mandatory for public sector organisations and organisations which are contracted to deliver services under the NHS Standard Contract as we do at Lindsey Lodge Hospice and Healthcare. Karen in her role has oversight of theorganisational risk register, is responsible for the update and management of risks that report to the Board via relevant sub-committees. High risks are directly managed by the Board and are a standing agenda item at each meeting.
Kay Fowler- Data protection officer (DPO)
DPOs are independent data protection experts who are responsible for: Monitoring an organisation's data protection compliance; Informing it of and advising on its data protection obligations; Providing advice on DPIAs (data protection impact assessments) and monitoring their performance.
Kay in her role as IG lead  is the first point of contact on all data protection matters and responsible for overseeing data protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance with Data Protection. Kay leads the review and update of the hospice information governance policy in line with local and national requirements. Our policies can be found here.

There  is an annual assessment using the Data Security & Protection Toolkit carried out and a review and audit of all procedures relating to this policy where appropriate on an ad-hoc basis. IG issues are escalated to the Finance and Business Development subcommittee of the Board.
Dr Lucy Adcock - Caldicott Guardian
She is the senior person responsible for protecting the confidentiality of people's health and care information and making sure it is used properly. All NHS organisations and local authorities which provide social services must have a Caldicott Guardian. Whilst Lindsey Lodge is not an NHS organisation it receives an NHS grant and therefore fulfils many NHS egulatory requirements.