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Andrea Dowie-Wood, the daughter of Wellbeing patient Chas, who receives specialist care from our Wellbeing Centre, is raising funds for Lindsey Lodge.

Chas’s story shows why #weneedyou to support our Christmas Care Appeal, to ensure we are always there to provide much-needed support to people living with life limiting conditions in North Lincolnshire.

Andrea said: “Lindsey Lodge provides care, management, support and dignity for adults with life limiting illnesses. Covid-19 has affected everyone and none more so than fantastic places like Lindsey Lodge, who rely on support, by means of fundraising. Please read my Father's story and help this wonderful independent charity.

“30th October 2014. A date my father, Charles, also known by many as 'Chas' or 'CD', will never forget. That day confirmed what my dad 'pops' and my mum already knew – the clumsiness and tripping over and thinking it was a back problem or sciatica was Motor Neurone Disease – MND.

“Six years on and pops has deteriorated. Covid has made our life as a family very testing and difficult as it has for many others but he has the best carer ever though – my mum. My mum has an extensive nursing background (50 years or so) and a specialism in respiratory medicine. You couldn't ask for a better person as a carer. She is a truly inspirational and dedicated lady who I have looked up to and admired for her tenacity in tough times. 'Care for the carer and they will care for you.'

“My husband and I watched the BBC 2 programme 'Rob Burrow – My year with MND.' It’s a dreadfully cruel disease. It’s not a disease of ‘couch potatoes’ – the words of my dad’s professor at Sheffield. Dad was a fit man in his Army days. In fact, he was like Forest Gump. Just ran and ran. So much so he still has an unbeaten Army 4×4 relay record. He loved to walk and ski in the mountains of Austria. He taught his grandson to ski at the tender age of four and took him skiing every year.

“To watch my dad deteriorate and deal with this disease in the face of adversity is truly inspirational. The emotional and psychological effects of this disease are as bad as the physical effects on the body. It’s the hardest for my mum to watch the man she has known for over 48 years, deteriorate. My dad was a really good orator. A very clever and intelligent man who always and still puts a smile on everyone’s face he meets. He still likes to crack a joke and laugh. When you have a limited voice and limited movements it's impossible to convey how you need to be looked after or where you want turning to or if there is an itch you need to get.

“One thing my dad has been proud to do, was to help others in his position. He gave talks to primary and secondary care carers and educated them on how to care for patients in a humanistic way. He was a regular contributor to the MNDA newsletter and has campaigned for services within the area he lives, with the help of Teresa May.

“I have set up this fundraising page to support Lindsey Lodge and patients with life limiting illness, to continue to be cared for in a professional and compassionate way. £165 has already been raised through my Facebook post which is amazing and I am grateful to everyone who has dug deep in these trying and testing times.”

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Find out more about our Christmas Care Appeal here:

Chas is pictured with the Lindsey Lodge Wellbeing Team celebrating Christmas in 2018

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