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Glyn Wyld was a patient at Lindsey Lodge for over 16 years where he was supported in facing a diagnosis of three types of cancer. During that time he and wife of 42 years Ruth, became great friends and supporters of everyone at the Hospice.

In her own words, Ruth has generously agreed to share the story of his care at Lindsey Lodge and how she continues to support our services.

“Glyn was first diagnosed with cancer in 2005. He became so poorly that we weren’t sure if he’d survive. It was then that Glyn first visited Lindsey Lodge as a day care patient, and straight away they supported him and the whole family.

“In 2010, his cancer came back and Glyn became severely depressed and suicidal and once again, Lindsey Lodge stepped in. The support they provided was immense, having people understand him and be able to help him meant that Glyn felt safe.

“When Glyn hit a crisis point he was encouraged to take on new hobbies and skills and arrangements were made for Glyn to try a six week Glass course. 

“Glyn truly found his passion when he completed the glass course, so much so that I supported him to go to Bristol to learn how to master the craft, and we bought him his own kiln. He really blossomed and became the person that we knew before his illness, and Lindsey Lodge played a huge part in that.

“When Glyn was depressed, he couldn’t talk, but the confidence he gained through his glass work saw him telling his story at groups such as the Women’s Institute.

“Over the years, Glyn crafted hundreds of beautiful pieces, including jewellery, bowls, clocks, mushrooms, candle holders and Christmas ornaments.

“He decided to make and sell pieces to raise funds for Lindsey Lodge, and was very passionate and enthusiastic when it came to fundraising. He became a regular supporter at Hospice open days, art exhibitions and Christmas fairs.

“Glyn continued attending Lindsey Lodge’s Wellbeing services on and off over the years as and when he needed to, but sadly, in 2019 he became unwell with a new type of cancer.

“While he was poorly in hospital he was adamant that he would have one last Christmas with his family, and that’s when Lindsey Lodge stepped in. They arranged for Glyn to be transferred to the Hospice, then made sure that he was able to go home for Christmas.

“We got Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day together as a family at home – and that was the biggest gift they could’ve ever given us.

“Glyn passed away at Lindsey Lodge on 10 January 2020.

“From the first day Glyn arrived as a day care patient, to the day he passed away, they cared for us. The team at Lindsey Lodge made the hardest part of our lives bearable, they made us all feel safe and secure.

“The staff felt like extended family, and we all felt so loved. It really did become a home from home.

“After Glyn passed away, I decided to learn how to do glass work to carry on his legacy.

“Lindsey Lodge published a post on social media asking supporters if they could provide pairs of handmade hearts, one to give to patients and one to give to their families, as visiting is restricted due to Covid-19.

“As soon as I saw the post, I got to work and created over 30 pairs of glass hearts for Lindsey Lodge.

“I just know Glyn would’ve done the same, and really hope these hearts will allow people to experience contact and support; they’ll be able to hold the hearts and think of each other.

“Lindsey Lodge gave us so much care and comfort, and I’m so proud to have been able to make these hearts for other patients and their families, and I know Glyn would be so proud too.”

Ruth Wyld is pictured donating the glass hearts to Senior Inpatient Nurse Karen Andrew

Glyn is pictured with his glass work

Glyn is pictured at home for Christmas

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