Give a Gift of Care this Christmas

23rd November 2020

Care comes in many guises at Lindsey Lodge, as well as providing our specialist palliative care services and support, we like to go the extra mile when patients need our help.

When Wellbeing patient Ken (63) wanted to record some very special messages of love and support to his wife Alison, we made sure he was able to carry out his wishes in the comfort of his own home.

Lindsey Lodge PR, Communications and Marketing Officer Lizzie Orwin showed Ken how to go about making his very own personal videos and helped him to ensure they were safely stored and uploaded ready for when Alison is ready to watch.

Ken said: “I’m so grateful to Lizzie and Lindsey Lodge for helping me with my little project. It’s so important that I am able to record these messages to Alison to let her know I’m always with her, no matter what. And, if she’s having a bad day and needs some support, I’ll be there to say ‘chin up lass’ to help her through.”

Lizzie added: “We’re so grateful to Ken for allowing us to share his story, he really is a special man and has even offered to share his videos on YouTube in order to help other families who find themselves in a similar situation. I’m sure everyone will find comfort and support in them.”

This is just one example of how Lindsey Lodge supports its patients and families every day, if you’d like to help us to continue to help people like Ken, please make a donation and give a Gift of Care this Christmas here