Jenny's Story

16th May 2022
Jenny McDonough (78) was diagnosed with Oedema ten years ago, which causes a build-up of fluid in the body, causing affected tissue to become swollen.

Despite being on medication for the condition, Jenny’s Oedema had deteriorated over the years and the medication caused side effects which were affecting her day to day life. She was then referred to the Lindsey Lodge Lymphoedema Clinic. 

Jenny said: “Before I came to Lindsey Lodge I was really struggling with the swelling and pain on my legs, they had got particularly worse during the pandemic.

“When my GP first mentioned the Hospice, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the first moment I walked in, everybody was absolutely wonderful, they’re all so kind and helpful!

“I saw Sally who explained everything to me and how my treatment would work, including the LymphFlow machine. I started off on the machine for three hours in total each week, which helps to reduce the fluid on my legs.

“While I’m sitting on the LymphFlow machine, I often think of Brian Clarke who donated the machine back in 2017 in memory of his wife Jean, such a lovely gesture which has gone on to really help people like me.

“My quality of life has dramatically improved since attending the Lymphoedema Clinic at Lindsey Lodge. When I first attended my appointments, I had to come into the hospice building in a wheelchair, whereas now I’m able to walk myself in.

“Since I came off the tablets and started treatment at Lindsey Lodge, I’ve lost over three stone and have started going back to my chair- based exercise class, coming to Lindsey Lodge has truly transformed my life!

“I’ve even gone back to wearing ‘normal’ shoes again, my feet were so swollen that I needed shoes two sizes bigger with special extensions. So you can imagine my joy when I was able to get my old ones back on again!

“My husband Keith is able to come along with me to my appointments which is fantastic, as it also provides him with help and tips for caring for me.”