Lindsey Lodge has launched its new logo

30th September 2020

A North Lincolnshire based charity has launched its rebranded logo.

Following an agreement at its latest meeting of the Board of Trustees, Lindsey Lodge has rebranded its logo to reflect the extent of its care portfolio.

Lindsey Lodge Chief Executive Karen Griffiths said: “Lindsey Lodge serves the local community with a significantly larger number of services than when it first opened 28 years ago and our new logo represents how our brand has evolved over this time.”

She added: “As well as providing vital end of life care, Lindsey Lodge offers North Lincolnshire patients and families a wide range of other healthcare services.

“We’re now delivering a variety of innovative services and interventions, such as our Breathe Easy Enablement Programme (BEEP), which not only helps patients with self-management of their conditions, but has also been proven to relieve pressure on emergency services and the local acute trust.

“We’re very proud of our dedicated team here at Lindsey Lodge who have made great steps in continuing to develop pioneering care and treatments and feel our new branding reflects our ongoing journey.”

For more information about the work of Lindsey Lodge, or how to support the charity, please phone (01724) 270835 or email