Spotlight on Care: Complementary Therapy

31st March 2022
Our Lindsey Lodge care is delivered in lots of different ways to our patients. Over the past 30 years we've been developing and adapting our services to help improve our patients' quality of life. Today we're shining our spotlight on our Complementary Therapy Service.

Complementary Therapy

Jo Price is our Complementary Therapist here at Lindsey Lodge.

Complementary therapies are used alongside conventional medical treatments and can help patients with life limiting illnesses to feel better and may improve their quality of life. They may help them to cope better with symptoms and side effects caused by treatment.

Jo said: “I pop and see all of the patients each day and ask them if they’d like any therapy, and where possible I bring them to the therapy room so they can enjoy the whole experience.

“Whether it’s a hand or foot massage, visualisation and relaxation or slow stroke massage, it’s lovely to be able to help the patients relax.”

Jo Price our Complementary Therapist