Thank you to Coop Winterton & Scunthorpe

21st October 2020
We’d like to say a big thank you to Coop Winterton and Scunthorpe for donating beautiful hampers to Lindsey Lodge for our patients to enjoy, and for our Fundraising Team to generate funds from.

Coop member pioneer for Winterton and Scunthorpe, Carla Taylor said: “We would like to thank Lindsey Lodge Hospice for being a local hero. That's why, with the help of Scunthorpe Coop Funeralcare, Member Pioneers and donations from local Coop food stores, we were more than happy to present two hampers we hope you enjoy - a little something to show our appreciation of your support within the community.

“It's important to us that causes like Lindsey Lodge Hospice are supported by their local community so they can continue to provide important services. With the Coop membership, 2p in every £1 goes towards your local cause of choice, and through the Coop app you can choose to donate your rewards to give back a little extra.”