Trevor and Jackalind's vow renewal

9th April 2020
Last July, patient Trevor and his wife Jackalind renewed their vows in the summer house, here at Lindsey Lodge Hospice. Jackalind has kindly agreed for us to share the precious photos of their day and told us how much the day meant to them both.

Jackalind said: “Before Trevor received his lung cancer diagnosis on top of his COPD, we’d talked about renewing our vows, but time wasn’t on our side, we thought we had more time with him.”

“When I mentioned renewing our vows to one of the nurses, I imagined it would be in his room on the Inpatient Unit, I never dreamed that it would be as lovely as it was. The flowers, the decorations, the balloons, the chauffeur driven car - the Hospice had pulled out all the stops, it was fabulous.

“On the day, I totally forgot that Trevor had limited time because it was so lovely, albeit emotional. It felt like we’d just got married, and it wasn’t until I got home that it got to me.

“Trevor was in complete awe of it all, although he was exhausted. He didn’t stop talking to staff about it and telling them how magical it was for days. Even when he was on morphine, he still kept saying how magical it was.

“We both found it absolutely wonderful, we really did, and I think it made Trevor’s passing easier, because we managed to do what we didn’t have time to do on our own.

“Everything was perfect, we couldn’t have wished for it to be any better, apart from the circumstances.

“The following day, Trevor wanted to go into the summer house, he kept saying how special the day was. I think it played a big part in helping him with his passing, he felt at ease. We’d achieved what we had hoped to do.”

Trevor sadly passed away ten days later, two days before his and Jackalind’s 31st wedding anniversary.

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