Visiting update 15 February 2021

15th February 2021
15 February 2021
As of 15 February 2021 two visitors are permitted in patients rooms at any one time between 2pm and 6pm daily (to be determined by the family bubble).
  • Lateral flow testing must take place for each visitor and be brought into reception on arrival. Lateral flow kits can be given to family members the day before a visit if known, alternatively they can be collected at reception and undertaken in cars 30 minutes before a visit. 
  • Face masks to be worn at all times and social distancing to be respected. 
  • Temperature checks and risk assessment to be undertaken at reception on every occasion. 
  • From reception, visitors will be shown how to access the door to the patient room via the garden. 
  • Visitors must not leave the patients room and must use the bathroom facilities within the room. 
  • Nurse call bells must be used in the room if assistance is required from staff. 
  • As visitors enter a room, the care staff will aim to exit a room to keep numbers in a room to a safe level that supports social distancing. 
  • Visiting outside of these hours, or for more than two visitors in a room at any time must be agreed with the nurse in charge and will be agreed on an individual basis. 
  • Visiting pets will be at the discretion of the nurse in charge.
If visitors do not feel safe using the room entrances via the garden the receptionist will ask for you to be escorted to the room, e.g. bad weather, lone visitor, mobility issues.
Our aim is to keep both patients and staff safe and we understand that visitors are very important. We will consider risks of the spread of Covid-19 in the context of individual circumstances and government guidance. 

Thank you for your support.