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Oliver Wood (58) from Snitterby was diagnosed with a paralysed stomach in 2016, and as a result had two strokes and a heart attack in 2019.

When Lindsey Lodge became aware of Oliver’s situation, they ensured that he was admitted to the Lindsey Lodge Inpatient Unit for symptom management.

“Before I came to Lindsey Lodge, I lived on the sofa and was unable to live my life as I wanted. I couldn’t even lift my head without vomiting due to my paralysed stomach. I was so frightened to stand up because of the sickness.

“Within just a couple of days of being admitted, the team had me up and about, using a four wheel walker. The whole team have given me so much encouragement and confidence and I no longer feel frightened to stand up anymore.

“It truly is the most wonderful place, every single member of staff and volunteer has gone out of their way to help me and a result I feel so much more positive about my future.

“Not only have the team helped me physically, they’ve also helped to improve my mental health, it’s like receiving a Lindsey Lodge hug, they take you into their family.

“My visitors have also been treated so kindly, and my dog came to visit me a couple of times, which was lovely as he means a lot to me.

“I even got to experience a Lindsey Lodge fundraising event during my stay! One of the Advanced Assistants Jo pushed me in a wheelchair around the Hospice’s car boot sale, I’m so grateful to her as she really went above and beyond to allow me to enjoy the day.

“As well as experiencing events, I’ve also got to know other patients during my stay as we enjoyed time together outside in the sun, the staff treated us to afternoon tea – which was lovely and one of the happiest days I’ve had in the last five years!

“I’ll be coming back to Lindsey Lodge in the future as a Wellbeing Centre patient. The support and treatment I’ve received during my stay in the Inpatient Unit has truly helped me and changed my life, and I’m so grateful to every single member of staff for their incredible work.”

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