Hospice Liaison pilot launched

Lindsey Lodge Hospice launched a six-month pilot for the role of Hospice Liaison Nurse Monday 2 September 2019.

Hospice Liaison Nurse Elaine Bradley will be based between Scunthorpe General Hospital and the Hospice, working alongside Dr Yousef Adcock and the Palliative Care Team in her role as a Trusted Assessor. She will be responsible for raising the profile of Lindsey Lodge, ensuring safe, prompt and timely referral and transfer into the Hospice.

The role will assist wards with identification and improve the flow of patients from Scunthorpe General Hospice to Lindsey Lodge Hospice and there has already been a very positive response already within the acute trust.

Within her new role, Elaine is working in close partnership with the Hospice MDT, consultants, community team along with Discharge Liaison, in relation to referral criteria and training and education regarding the Hospice’s services.

The post will be expected to drive the Hospice services, focusing on pro-active identification of patients who could benefit from its services.

Elaine will be working Monday to Wednesday within this role initially and can be contacted on a dedicated referral phone: 07966 137422.

Role changes following the latest clinical review

The final appointments to the new structure and roles following the last clinical review have now been completed. Congratulations to staff on their new roles, this is a very positive time for career progression, new roles and ways of working, and better care for patients, families and staff.

Sally Watson

The Quality and Education Lead will work closely with and report to the Director of Nursing and Patient Services and it key responsibilities are to provide support to all Clinical Services with education and training, quality, audit and improvement requirements for the Lindsey Lodge ensuring compliance with national and local legislation and initiatives.

Angela Allen

The Deputy for the Wellbeing Team and also a Lymphoedema Practitioner. Angela will assist the Wellbeing Manager in leading a multi-professional wellbeing team and ensure that care is safe and effective for both patients and carers and provides clinical and managerial leadership to the team in the absence of manager.

Elaine Bradley

Deputy Sister for the Inpatient Unit assisting the Senior Nurse in leading a multi-professional team. Working with the Director of Nursing and Patient Services to take responsibility for setting and maintaining the highest standards of care and support to patients, carers and families. The Hospice Liaison part of the role is for the development and maintenance of referral networks. Responsibilities include: collaborating with referral sources to ensure smooth and effective transfers to the hospice. Educating the healthcare community on the role of the hospice is an integral aspect of the role.

Karen Parkes

Advanced Nurse Practitioner who will be part of the clinical team using advanced practice skills to identify, assess, diagnose, treat and manage patients with palliative care needs. The Advanced Nurse Practitioner will act as a lead specialist within the hospice and work as part of the clinical team at an advanced practice level to support patients with the most complex needs. The Advanced Nurse Practitioner will be part of the 24/7 medical on-call rota with the support of the Medical Director.

Lindsey Lodge Hospice Advanced Assistants 

Our new Advanced Assistant Role supports all clinical areas of the Hospice and undertakes a technical instructor role within occupational therapy and physiotherapy, touch therapeutics and venepuncture and cannulation.

Our three new Advanced Assistants undertake an 18 month intensive training programme of additional skills and competencies from a diverse range of experts and settings to become autonomous practitioners in these areas to enhance practice across all areas of the hospice and across seven days.

They are required to demonstrate a high degree of extended knowledge, skills and experience using a bespoke competency framework to evidence practice.

This initiative is innovative and responsive to patients needs and offers a unique development opportunity for healthcare assistants and service development within palliative care and hospices.

They assist in the provision of a flexible patient centred treatment programme for patients who are requiring assessment for current or future decreased ability to perform daily living tasks through the wellbeing model of care.

Better record-sharing improves healthcare for North Lincs patients

Patients across the Humber are benefitting from more joined-up healthcare thanks to the roll-out of a new initiative to share information between NHS providers.
Healthcare professionals can now see up-to-date information about their patients, even if they’ve been treated somewhere else.
That’s because the two main patient record systems used across the region (EMIS Web and SystmOne) are now working together for the first time to share information.
This improves the safety and the quality of care for people accessing a number of services, including out-of-hours GP appointments, community nursing and end-of-life care.
Dr Avinash Pillai, local GP and clinical lead for the project, said: “We are delighted to be the first region in the country to successfully link these two clinical systems.
“This not only improves the standard of care for our patients, but also makes better use of our clinicians’ time.
“It’s the first step towards a wider ambition to provide a fully-joined up digital care record across all health and social care providers.”
Dr Lucy Adcock, Medical Director at Lindsey Lodge Hospice in Scunthorpe, said: “We have many patients that come to us for just one day a week. So, if a patient has had an examination, or been prescribed a new medication by their GP, we’re now able to see that updated record next time they’re with us.
“This is incredibly helpful in a palliative (end-of-life) care setting, as lots of our patients experience memory issues and may not always be able to remember what their GP has recommended.”

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