Lindsey Lodge Hospice Advanced Assistants 

Our new Advanced Assistant Role supports all clinical areas of the Hospice and undertakes a technical instructor role within occupational therapy and physiotherapy, touch therapeutics and venepuncture and cannulation.

Our three new Advanced Assistants undertake an 18 month intensive training programme of additional skills and competencies from a diverse range of experts and settings to become autonomous practitioners in these areas to enhance practice across all areas of the hospice and across seven days.

They are required to demonstrate a high degree of extended knowledge, skills and experience using a bespoke competency framework to evidence practice.

This initiative is innovative and responsive to patients needs and offers a unique development opportunity for healthcare assistants and service development within palliative care and hospices.

They assist in the provision of a flexible patient centred treatment programme for patients who are requiring assessment for current or future decreased ability to perform daily living tasks through the wellbeing model of care.