Policies and guidance


Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

We have produced a number of risk assessments in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, which are published below:

Administration and Systems Management

Retail Distribution and Donation Centre 

Risk Assessment in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic - Retail


Please note this is not an exhaustive list, if you have any queries, please contact us on 01724 270835, or email llh.enquiries@nhs.net

Anaphylaxis, Management Of

Antimicrobial Guidance

Assisted bathing service policy

Bed rails policy

Business Continuity Management Plan

Care in the Last Days of Life policy

Catering Policy

CCTV Policy and Guidelines

Complaints Policy

Confidentiality Statement

Confidentiality & Data Protection policy

Conflict of Interest policy

Controlled Drugs SOP

Counselling and Bereavement Support Policy​

Day Care Operational Policy

Decontamination of keyboards​

Decontamination of Portable Fans​

Delirium guidance

Dignity at Work (Bullying and Harassment) Policy​

Discharge and Transfer of Care Policy

Duty of Candour

Drugs Fridge Policy​

Email Use Policy

Equality and Diversity Statement

Fire Safety Policy

Freedom to Speak Out Policy

Health  and  Safety Policy

Homely Remedies Policy

Hypoglycaemia Guideline

Information Governance Policy

Information Security Policy

Internet Policy

Lone worker policy

Management of catastrophic bleeding in advanced disease

Management of Hypoglycaemia Guidelines

Management of Opioid Overdose Guidelines

Moving and Handling (Bariatric and Wheelchair Combined-Policies)

Nutritional care policy for inpatients and day patients

Opioid overdose policy

Organisational Change policy​

Pay Progression Policy and Procedure

Performance Appraisal and Development Review Policy

Power Cuts

Pressure area management

Privacy Policy

Lindsey Lodge Hospice Privacy Notice - Health

Lindsey Lodge Hospice Privacy Notice - General

Regional Policv for North and North East Lincolnshire: Decisions to attempt of withhold cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Restraint policy

Risk Management policy and procedure

Royal Marsden Clinical Procedures
Royal Marsden Clinical Procedures are available electronically to all Lindsey Lodge Hospice clinical staff, to refer to for care planning and procedures. Please follow this link to the Royal Marsden website: www.rmmonline.co.uk Please see you individual email for your log in details.

Security policyi

Smoking Policy

Social Media Policy

Speaking Out Policy

Standard operating procedure for the care round chart in the Inpatient Unit

Standing Financial Instructions

Starting salaries Framework

Touch Therapeutics policy and guidelines

Training Policy

Treasury Management and Investment policy

Using licensed medicines for unlicensed purposes policy

Verification of an expected death of an adult in a hospice setting

Violence and aggression policy

Wellbeing and Sickness policy

Wellbeing Centre Operational Policy