Lace-Up for Lindsey Lodge

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Lace Up For Lindsey Lodge

Be active your way everyday throughout January. Lace Up for Lindsey Lodge is a brand new way to help you keep fit and improve your wellbeing. All you need to do is 30 minutes of exercise every day and you can partake in any sport or hobby that you want from football to fencing, the list is endless!
This challenge is FREE to register. Aim for £2 of donations per day and help us to reach our target.

Why Lace Up?

Alongside supporting a very worthy cause, ‘Lacing Up’ for Lindsey Lodge could have some amazing benefits for you! Being active everyday can help improve your fitness, and your wellbeing. Every time to you exercise your body releases endorphins that have a positive impact on your mood. With January being a time where many people can face a dip in their wellbeing there has never been a better time to focus on getting active.

"If exercise could be packed in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation." Robert N. Butler, M.D.

Lace Up participants will receive their very own fundraising pack which include some funky lace up for Lindsey Lodge laces which you can pop in your shoes or wear around your wrist. Complete the challenge and we will send you your very own Lace Up for Lindsey Lodge Medal!
What your support can help
Donations for our Lace Up challenge will support programmes like our Breathe Easy Enablement Programme(BEEP). Our BEEP clinic is an 8-week programme aimed at helping people with complex respiratory conditions manage their condition better and optimise their breathing function.

This 8-week course is free to access and focuses on education, breathlessness and fatigue management, carer support, managing anxiety and advanced care planning. Our BEEP programme not only helps our patients control symptoms that have previously felt scary and out of control but it also helps to reduce hospital admissions and in some cases can help a patient feel like they have got their life back.
You can support this by Lacing up for Lindsey Lodge!
Exercise the BEEP way
Get ready for your challenge and take the BEEP approach. Set short term goals, remember this is YOUR CHALLENGE to achieve your way. Break your challenge down into achievable chunks and remember to pace it out. If you can’t manage 30 minutes a day, can you manage 10 minutes three times a day?
Increase your target to achieve more
There are also several rewards based on the sponsorship level you achieve!
£2 a day could pay for a handheld fan to help a BEEP patient improve their breathing control and will earn your medal
£100 could help us to buy pulse oximeters for our patients and will earn you a Lindsey Lodge water bottle
£200 could help us to purchase dumbbells for our sessions and will get you a Discounted gym membership
£500 could help us to buy new equipment for our gym and will get you your very own Challenge with Lindsey Lodge Hoodie!