Jon Savage

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We felt that it would be right for charities close to our hearts to benefit from our journey so we have set up this page to ask our friends, families and colleagues to not only support us on this epic journey, but to support these charities too.

On the 21st September, we, that's Craig Woodward & Jon Savage, plan to complete the epic 'ultimate triathlon' - Ironman in Cervia, Italy! The race requires us to complete a 2.4 mile open water swim (in the sea) followed by a 112 mile road bike and finishing off with a marathon distance run (26.2 mile).

This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us and something that we are both very nervous, yet excited about completing! We are currently half way through our 30-week training program, which luckily, is going very well with hardly any bumps and scrapes! So far this year we have swam 138 miles, ran 637 miles and cycled 2211 miles over a combined training time of 322 hours.....


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Lee Birbeck
Good luck Jon and Craig, what a great incentive to push yourselves. I can say this with personal experience of Lindsay lodge, where the staf...