Geoff Convery

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Geoff is stepping out on a four-day virtual Pligrimage from Kirton to Lincoln

I'm Geoff Convery and under normal circumstances I volunteer once a week at Lindsey Lodge as a Reiki therapist but with the lockdown that's not happening at the moment.
As I'm 70 I'm not currently going out at all so I've taken to using a mini stepper I've had for years to make up for the lack of exercise and at the moment I'm managing 5,000 repeats a day, each repeat being two steps, so I'm getting in the recommended 10,000 steps a day.
While I was doing this the other day I realised that I could do a sponsored virtual walk for the Lindsey Lodge emergency appeal and, to make it a bit more interesting, I thought that it could take the form of a pilgrimage from where I live in Kirton in Lindsey to Lincoln cathedral, a distance of around 20 miles according to Google maps.
In my mind's eye I have an image of a late medieval inhabitant of Kirton (perhaps we could call him Will Grymston) who, having contracted some sort of life-threatening disease, had prayed for deliverance and vowed that, if The Lord spared him, he would make a pilgrimage to Lincoln as soon as he was able. I imagine him being basically recovered but restricted in the length of journey he could undertake in a day so he would break his journey up into 4 stages stopping at a different village each night and visiting its church.
Following this plan I've broken the journey to Lincoln up into four stages, these being
  • St Andrew's church in Kirton to All Saints in Hemswell,
  • All Saints in Hemswell to All Saints in Ingham,
  • All Saints in Ingham to St Luke's in North Carlton and
  • St Luke's in North Carlton to Lincoln Cathedral.
According to Wikipedia there was a church on all those sites in medieval times.
I have measured my normal pace length and it is 34 inches so 1863 of my steps (or 931 reps on the machine) is a mile. This means that I can calculate how many reps I need to complete each stage given the distances worked out by Google maps.
Each day of my virtual pilgrimage I intend to post on my Facebook account a photograph of the church I started from, the church I ended up at, A screen shot from Google maps of the part of the route covered that day and a photograph of the display on my mini stepper showing the number of repeats Ito have completed to cover the distance.
I look forward to having you with me and my medieval friend Will as we take this walk over the next four days
Please support my appeal. If you could donate at least £1 for each stage to this appeal then that would be really good, if you can give more that would be marvellous but if you can only afford a little I quite understand, I know the lesson of the Widow's Mite. I have set a target of £1000, if 250 people back me for £1 a stage we'll hit that and every little will help to keep the Hospice going.