Vicky & Steven jump and raise.

Current Total £220
A skydive to raise money

My husband Steven and I are doing a skydive in may. It's something we have always wanted to do and would love to raise some money for a fantastic place in the process. We have paid for our akydive ourselves so all donations is purely for the charity.


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John-Ross Brookes
Good luck guys, Vic don’t forget to take fresh underpants for Stig for when you land.
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Samantha Fryer
Good luck xx
+£5.00 Gift Aid
Good luck my lovelies, you're so brave, love you mucha mucha xxxx
+£2.50 Gift Aid
Pamela Simmons
Reach for the sky
Gemma Wyld
Can’t wait to see it!!
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Craig Charles
Good luck x
+£2.50 Gift Aid
Nicola Charles
Good luck!
+£2.50 Gift Aid
Darren Glenn
Very worthy cause. My Dad was very close to Lindsey Lodge (close friends with the founders)
+£12.50 Gift Aid
Nikole Mcintyre
Good luck guys!
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Kerry Smith
You guys are amazing for doing this! Proud of you x
Katie Cressey
Good luck guys
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Nadine Stringer
Good luck guys xx