Winston the Bear

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Winston the Bear was adopted by Cheryl Douglas at Lindsey Lodge Hospice's Winter Ball. He's already enjoyed an evening of folk music and is planning lots of exciting adventures over the coming year! Watch this space for updates...

Winston on a two week Baltic cruise with his friends Sharron and Rob from Worlaby:

Ooh heck. I don’t think I want to go in there.

Oh, it’s OK after all. The light at the end of the tunnel hasn’t been turned off, after all.

But I think I deserve a pint after that bravery 😉

And here I am, proudly sporting my I love the Lake District member badge 👍👍

Winston is being very good at making friends. Here he is: about to set off to go up Dodd; admiring the view over Derwent Water; made it to the top; and about to have his flagging spirits revived 😉

Wow. Do you seriously expect me to go up THERE 😳

Wow. I’m half way there now: a Little Teddy on ‘Little Man’ 😀

Oh, now look at me ! I went and did it. Here I am on the summit. Wooppee 👍👍😄🐻

And this kind lady - my foster mother for the week - is making sure I don’t get blown away 👍👍

Winston has come to Kitty Fold in the Lake District for a break. And has immediately made friends with one of the locals 😂

Winston entertaining the ladies at Winterinham WI.

Winston has had a little adventure to brumby hall sequence/modern dancing. £105 raised that night thanks to all the dancers and Gill Riley.

Winston on his travels to Wensleydale with his friend Rachel

In March Winston has just been to a 60s weekend of music and fun with Cheryl,Shaza, Jayne and Denise. His ears are still ringing!

Winston the Bear went on a 60s weekend of music and fun with Cheryl, Shaza, Jayne and Denise.

In February Winston returned from a trip to Canada he wasn’t lonely because Julie and Martin kept him company and kept him supplied with drinks on the plane hick!

"Had an exciting weekend away with my new friends went to Raven Hall Ravenscarr to celebrate a 39th wedding anniversary. Had a lovely walk to Robin hoods Bay. Then had a day in Whitby no fish and chips though Monday home via a lovely lunch in Beverley thank you to all who sponsored me £135 yippee can't wait for my next adventure."