The Hospice User Group (HUG)

As someone who has experienced our services, you are an expert. You can offer valuable feedback and insight into how we can improve patient care and support for families. Our aim is to learn from real user experience to help make continuing improvements to the service we provide to shape the future of Lindsey Lodge.

What is the Lindsey Lodge Hospice User Group?

The Hospice User Group (HUG) is a small group of people who have used our services, as either a patient, or family member, carer, or loved one of a patient. 

The group meets to discuss how Lindsey Lodge Hospice and Healthcare services are currently delivered and how the quality of our care can be maintained or improved.  


Can I join the Lindsey Lodge Hospice User Group?

If you’re currently using, or have ever used any of our services, you are welcome to join our HUG and make a difference to other people using our services here at the Hospice.

What’s involved?

The group will aim to meet four times a year at Lindsey Lodge Hospice. In these meetings we will:
  • Review how our services are provided and developed
  • Review feedback from Hospice users and suggest areas for improvement
  • Discuss how to raise awareness about the range of our services, that take place within the hospice
  • Act as the voice for Hospice service users alongside staff and volunteers of Lindsey Lodge Hospice & Healthcare in the delivery and planning of services.

Unable to commit to quarterly meetings, why not become a virtual member?

If you are unable to commit to attending quarterly meetings, you can opt to become a virtual member and have your say over emails.  

If you don’t have access to emails but want to share feedback about your experience, you can write to us at Lindsey Lodge Hospice & Healthcare, Burringham Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincs, DN17 2AA, email us at, or telephone us and ask to talk to a senior member of our clinical team.

How you will make a difference

By being part of our HUG and attending quarterly meetings, or joining as a virtual member, you can have a say in how services are delivered and developed here at Lindsey Lodge Hospice & Healthcare.

Meetings  take place on on the fourth Thursday every three months effective from 27 April 2023 in our Wellbeing Centre, between 3.30pm and 5pm.

If you'd like to join, or need more information, please contact the Director of Clinical Services on 01724 270835 ext. 258, or email