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“Glyn was first diagnosed with cancer in 2005. It was then that Glyn first visited Lindsey Lodge as a day care patient, and straight away they supported him and the whole family.

In 2010, his cancer came back and Glyn became severely depressed and suicidal. The support Lindsey Lodge provided was immense, having people understand him and be able to help him meant that Glyn felt safe. He really blossomed and became the person that we knew before his illness.

Sadly, in 2019 he became unwell with a new type of cancer. He was adamant that he would have one last Christmas with his family, and that’s when Lindsey Lodge stepped in. They arranged for Glyn to have Christmas at home with his family – and that was the biggest gift they could’ve ever given us.

From the first day Glyn arrived as a day care patient, to the day he passed away, they cared for us. The team at Lindsey Lodge made the hardest part of our lives bearable, they made us all feel safe and secure. The staff felt like extended family, and we all felt so loved. It really did become a home from home.”