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“Miles initially attended Lindsey Lodge Hospice as a day care patient. He realised that I needed a break and mentioned to me that the hospice offered respite care. After phoning I went to the hospice and explained our situation and it was decided that rather than respite care, Miles needed to be admitted as a patient.

In Miles’s final hours I asked if the bed could be moved slightly so that I could be facing him, the reply was ‘Absolutely, but we can do better than that, we can move Miles across a little so that you can get on the bed with him if that’s what you would both like’. To be able to hold him and to be held by him was a memory to treasure.

For Miles to die in such a caring place, everyone caring for us and our family and friends made it easier for us both. We were both cared for superbly. Thank you all for making Miles Aykroyd’s last days peaceful.”