Brand Partners 2023

Gravel Master

“Gravel Master are delighted to support Lindsey Lodge as proud Brand Partners. Our loyal customers enable our online business to continue support the amazing work of the Hospice and our entire workforce our proud to be making a positive difference, every penny spent online helps towards our supporting staff and volunteers across the sector.”

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Jason Threadgold Funeral Director

"We are once again delighted to be a brand partner to this fantastic charity Lindsey Lodge Hospice and we look to further support them where possible in 2022, so that the Hospice can continue their crucial work.
We are all in this together, each and every one of us can make a difference by giving back.”

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“Jotun have chosen Lindsey Lodge Hospice as our nominated charity for the last 5 years. Jotun feel it is important to support local charities, and Lindsey Lodge have been there for so many of our employees in numerous ways. They are invaluable to the local community and with limited funding we are happy to be there to support so they can continue to do the amazing work they do.”

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Shift Traffic Events

“The local community is at the heart of our company and extremely important to all our staff and families. When looking at sponsorships and charitable donations we look to organisations that create real change.
“Lindsey Lodge have helped several of us directly or indirectly over the years amongst hundreds of other people. Without the palliative care they provide so many would have to endure further underserved suffering and difficulty throughout the time they have left.

“The team at Lindsey Lodge go out of their way to ensure the best possible comfort and care to all their patients. We have seen the difference the team makes to families around the area and we continue to support the hospice moving forward into our third year.

“That’s why we are a proud partner.”

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Singleton Birch

“Singleton Birch have supported Lindsey Lodge for many years through organised fund raising events and collection tins placed in reception. We think it is a great charity doing vital work on behalf of our local area and potentially our employees and their families. Becoming a Brand Partner seemed a logical step in helping guarantee secure income for the hospice.”

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Symes Bains Broomer

“Symes Bains Broomer are a local firm of Solicitors offering a wide range of legal services both for individuals and businesses in North Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire and beyond. Our fundamental goal is to make the lives of our clients easier, by supplying consistently excellent legal advice and client care. We value being one of the brand partners of the Hospice, as we feel this is an effective way for us to support our local community, we are proud to be renewing our Brand Partner support for 2023 and are looking forward to the events which are planned for the year ahead.”

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Mo Phlebotomy

"We started off in Scunthorpe in 2000 as a sole business offering a service to individuals and organisations to help the overflow of the pressure from the NHS. 
"We now are a largest national provider of integrated state of the art Blood and pathology Services providers in the UK.

"Our heart has always been where we have started in Scunthorpe and as a organisation we work with many local hospice, charities and community projects all over the Uk from supporting young football teams to supporting women’s football teams and hospice as well as disadvantaged pony sanctuary. 
"Mo Phlebotomy is here for the community."

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