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Patients across the Humber are benefitting from more joined-up healthcare thanks to the roll-out of a new initiative to share information between NHS providers.
Healthcare professionals can now see up-to-date information about their patients, even if they’ve been treated somewhere else.
That’s because the two main patient record systems used across the region (EMIS Web and SystmOne) are now working together for the first time to share information.
This improves the safety and the quality of care for people accessing a number of services, including out-of-hours GP appointments, community nursing and end-of-life care.
Dr Avinash Pillai, local GP and clinical lead for the project, said: “We are delighted to be the first region in the country to successfully link these two clinical systems.
“This not only improves the standard of care for our patients, but also makes better use of our clinicians’ time.
“It’s the first step towards a wider ambition to provide a fully-joined up digital care record across all health and social care providers.”
Dr Lucy Adcock, Medical Director at Lindsey Lodge Hospice in Scunthorpe, said: “We have many patients that come to us for just one day a week. So, if a patient has had an examination, or been prescribed a new medication by their GP, we’re now able to see that updated record next time they’re with us.
“This is incredibly helpful in a palliative (end-of-life) care setting, as lots of our patients experience memory issues and may not always be able to remember what their GP has recommended.”

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