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Ann Hobson has taken the tough decision to retire from her role as Day care/ Wellbeing volunteer after 17 years of dedication at Lindsey Lodge.

Ann was inspired to volunteer when her friend Chris Axe informed her of a volunteer vacancy that had just become available all those years ago. Ann herself didn’t know too much about The Hospice at the time, but was blown away when she discovered all the fantastic care that happens in the building.

Over the 17 years Ann has seen many changes happen at Lindsey Lodge. The one thing that remained was the inspiration she took from the patients every week.

Ann Says

“Meeting and getting to know these patients has been inspiring. Just watching how they help each other, and their outlook on life has been hugely rewarding for me.

“I am in awe of the people who work here and do this every day. The level of care is simply outstanding”

Over the years Ann’s relationship with Lindsey Lodge became more personal when her husband passed away here 3 years ago. Ann fondly remembers how happy her husband was, to actually be admitted to Lindsey Lodge. She recalls how he instantly relaxed knowing he was safe, and she felt better knowing how well he was being cared for.

It was a difficult decision for Ann to retire, but after a recent big birthday she remember the wise words her father once said to her, which she now understands.

Ann continues

“My dad used to say to me, ‘the mind is willing but the flesh is weak’ and I think that put in perspective my decision to retire. Coming here is important, to the patients and the staff and I don’t want to get to the point where my commitment wavers and I let people down”

Ann’s service to Lindsey Lodge was celebrated today when the team got together to give her a well-earned round of applause, along with flowers, cake and a card. The Lindsey Lodge Team are immensely grateful to Ann for her dedication over the years. She will most definitely be missed by the Staff, Volunteers and Patients.

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