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A kind-hearted family have donated a bladder scanner in memory of their loved one.
Peter Cooper and his daughter Amanda Bazley donated £6,000 in memory of Jean Cooper, their much-loved wife and mother, who passed away at Lindsey Lodge Hospice and Healthcare, to purchase the much-needed equipment.
Amanda said: “During Mum’s time at Lindsey Lodge, she could have benefitted from the use of a bladder scanner, so we decided as a family that we would donate one in her memory.
“Mum would be so pleased to know that we’ve donated the bladder scanner and it will help other patients during their time at Lindsey Lodge.”
She added: “We truly cannot thank everyone at Lindsey Lodge enough for the support they’ve given us. They not only looked after Mum, they were there for the whole family.
“The team went above and beyond, meeting every need and they still offer us support, even now.”
A handheld, portable and non-invasive instrument, Lindsey Lodge’s new bladder scanner quickly and accurately measures urinary bladder volume and post-void residual with 2D/3D ultrasound.
Lindsey Lodge Director of Clinical Services Helen Turner said: “We’ve had to borrow equipment in the past and now we have our very own equipment thanks to this extremely kind donation.
She added: “The bladder scanner will provide our patients with more comfort and dignity, which is not only a great gift to Lindsey Lodge, but also a touching tribute to Jean.”
“On behalf of everyone at Lindsey Lodge, I’d like to say an enormous thank you to Peter and Amanda for their donation."

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