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Keen fisherman and retired Senior Project Engineer (81) Clive Boulton was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2018.

Just six months later, Clive’s right leg became extremely swollen and sore. After undergoing scans to rule out blood clots it was found that the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes.

“My leg became so swollen and painful that I could only just get my right trouser leg over it. I had real difficulty moving around. I’ve always been a keen sportsman and very active so I was so fed up and frustrated with the situation.

“It was thanks to a visit from my former next door neighbour Julie that I found a solution.

“She works at Lindsey Lodge Hospice and told me about their Lymphoedema Clinic, and suggested I give them a call, which I did.

“I spoke to Liz in the Therapies Team, who told me I’d need to get a referral from my GP, which she sent straight through and it was literally sorted overnight!

“Within just a few days I received an appointment with the Hospice’s Physiotherapist Matthew. He explained all about the Wellbeing Service and the Lymphoedema care they could offer me.

“I started with gentle massage in the first week, and then went every week – sometimes twice a week. My wife Ronwyn came with me to the appointments and learned how to massage my leg to support me at home. They also gave me a stocking to wear, and the swelling and pain in my leg began to reduce, which meant that walking started to get easier – it was remarkable how quickly it started to improve!

“When you hear the word ‘hospice’ you think of people dying. I had no idea that Lindsey Lodge provided this kind of care and support for people like me. The team there are so friendly and put me at ease straight away and always keep me up to date with how I’m progressing.

“I’d recommend their service to anyone suffering like I was. After just two months my leg is so much better. I’m now able to cut my lawn and have been able to go back to coaching children at fishing lessons. I’ve recently had a new stocking as my swelling has reduced so much, and I’m even thinking of getting out my treadmill at home.

“I would like to thank the team for giving me my life back. Before I first came in May I was becoming depressed because no one seemed interested in my swollen leg, only the cancer. The treatment and care has been great thank you all so much!”

For  more information about our Wellbeing Services please follow this link

Clive is pictured with wife Ronwyn.
Clive is pictured with wife Ronwyn


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