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Partnership work helped me get back on my feet

Carl Hoeft found himself suffering from lower body paralysis following spinal surgery as a result of a cancerous tumour on his spine. We spoke to Carl and his team to discover how partnership working from the Hospital, community rehabilitation team and Lindsey Lodge helped Carl to literally get back on his feet again.

After his surgery at Hull Royal, Carls lower body paralysis meant that not only did he not have any movement in his lower limbs, but he also lacked any sensation in his limbs so could not feel anything touching them. The acute team at the hospital worked with Carl to get him moving, working on how his muscles sent signals to his brain enabling him to walk again, but the contact numbness meant Carl could not feel this happening so was unable to control it.

At this time Carl remembers,

“I remember laying in hospital and hearing this banging and not understanding what it was. As it happened it was the muscles in my leg experiencing spasms and hitting the table above them. It was a weird moment seeing my leg moving but not being able to feel it. It was also quite problematic as without feeling the pain when I hit the table it caused me to injure them”

After being discharged from the hospital Carl began working with Physiotherapist Rachel from the community team, who helped Carl learn to control his limbs. They began to set goals for Carl to help give him a focus to his rehab. Something that Carl did want to achieve was the ability to get back onto his bike.

It was then that Rachel reached out to the Lindsey Lodge therapy team to help. At Lindsey Lodge we are proud of our rehabilitation gym, which provides a safe environment and the equipment for our patients to work with our team to achieve their rehabilitation goals. Amongst a variety of equipment our gym hosts an exercise bike designed to help those who may be struggling with mobility, which would be a perfect way to help Carl safely start to work towards his goal. Rachel got in touch with the team at Lindsey Lodge to ask if both she and Carl were able to access this equipment to help Carl achieve his goals, which we of course accepted.

Carl began working with Rachel and Sarah the Lindsey Lodge Advanced Care Practitioner Occupational Therapist regularly and the improvement has been fantastic. While at Lindsey Lodge Carl was then able to join our Breathe Easy Enablement Programme (BEEP), which further helped him to improve his fitness, fatigue and symptom Management.

Rachel Said,

“Without the facilities at Lindsey Lodge Hospice I don’t think we would have made anywhere near this amount of progress in helping Carl to achieve his goals. Working with Sarah has helped to bring a complimentary set of skills to Carl’s rehabilitation which has been really beneficial to the process.”

Carl Said,

“I felt very fortunate that little old me was able to receive all this attention. The encouragement given by everyone who has helped with my re-enablement has given me a light at the end of the tunnel.

The therapy team at the hospital were able to get me to a good place, which allowed me to go home and then the community took over. Rachel has helped me to build my confidence and has given me the expertise I need to try new things and reach my goals. The partnership work with Lindsey Lodge has been vital for my recovery, I have learnt so much through BEEP.”

“I don’t think I would be where I am now without the joined up working from the hospital, community and Lindsey Lodge Team, this aftercare has been vital to my recovery. Anyone who needs this should be able to access it, because it has been fantastic”

Sarah, Advanced Care Practitioner Occupational Therapist at Lindsey Lodge Said,

“Carl and the progress he has made epitomises the value of collaborative and integrated working between hospices and community services. The on-site facilities have offered an alternative way for Carl to work towards his goals which he reports has had a really positive impact on both his physical and emotional wellbeing”

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