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Spiritual care plays an important role in our holistic approach to palliative care at Lindsey Lodge. We care for a diverse and multi-cultural community and recognise the need to ensure we aim to support the spiritual needs of
our patients, families, carers, staff and volunteers. We understand that spiritual care means different things to different people and believe we all need to have a sense of peace and security when faced with the emotional difficulties of serious illness, loss, bereavement and death.

For some people spirituality might involve religion, but it's not the same as religious beliefs. Spiritual issues can affect everyone – people do not need to be religious to have spiritual needs.

Our Pastoral Team here at Lindsey Lodge is led by Spiritual Care Lead Rev. Paul Braisdell, and includes our Hospice Chaplains: Rev. Julia Clarke; Rev. Ken Hague; Rev. Joy Osbourne; Rev. Alice Nunn, Rev Pat Cooke and Captain Sean Andrews. They are joined by Family Support Counsellor Carolyn Connor and Social Worker Jackie Kelly. The Team also acts as a link to faith and belief group leaders in the community and can arrange for them to visit Lindsey Lodge.

Lindsey Lodge Spiritual Care Lead Paul Braisdell said: “Our support is available to anyone, regardless of their faith, culture or background.

“Spiritual care can often become more of a focus at times of emotional stress, physical (and mental) illness, loss, bereavement and death.

“Coming under the care of the hospice can raise all sorts of worries and concerns, and these may be as distressing as the physical symptoms of illness. Such concerns are often expressed as questions about the illness, hopes and fears, the meaning and purpose of life, and what the future holds for family and loved ones.

“Our role is to ‘be there’, to listen compassionately and provide person-centred, spiritual, religious, cultural and emotional support to all patients, families, staff and volunteers, by helping them to express and explore their thoughts and feelings about the past, present and future as they arise, in order to make sense of things.”

Lindsey Lodge also offers people the use of our Reflection Room, which is based in our Wellbeing Centre. It offers a safe, quiet multi-faith space for contemplation, reflection and prayer.

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