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Trustee Week: Celebrating Dr Pat Webster
We spoke to Deputy Chair of Trustees Dr Pat Webster to find out a little more about what it’s like being a trustee at Lindsey Lodge Hospice.

Dr Pat Webster has been a trustee at Lindsey Lodge for 6 years and the Deputy Chair for 3 years. Pat decided to volunteer at Lindsey Lodge when, in a lucky twist of fate, she received an email from Lindsey Lodge advertising for trustees, as she was approaching retirement and considering her options. Working as a GP in Winterton for many years Pat had ample experience in the health field, and felt this would be an excellent cause to volunteer her time to.

Pat was no stranger to the services provided at Lindsey Lodge, having previously supported the service in her GP role. In particular, she noted that she had always admired how excellent the standard of care was at Lindsey Lodge, and was proud to join the team that would help to maintain this for years to come.

Our Trustee board is made up of a variety of different skillsets in order to represent the different service areas that Lindsey Lodge provides. Alongside other clinicians, Pat represents the medical side of our board, ensuring that the voice of our patients, and our care, remains front and centre.

As a deputy Chair her role is predominantly to shadow the Chair, so that she is able to take the reins should the need arise. Pat also chairs the Quality Assurance(QA) committee. The involves ensuring the quality of service delivered exceeds the standard of care required by CQC and that data to assess the service quality is being accurately collected.  Pat says,

“I really like looking at the QA data, as it gives me a real sense of pride seeing how many patients and families we have helped. This is a great place to volunteer as the people are wonderful and I feel like my skillset is valued. I enjoy being part of a charity with such a high standard of care that I feel proud to represent.”

Alongside representing a medical background on the board, Pat is also a proud female representative. She goes on to say,

“Trustee boards can often be either male dominated or female dominated, but it is important to try and find the right balance so that we can accurately represent not only the patients but also the community in which we serve.”

We would just like to extend a huge thank you to Dr Pat Webster for dedicating her time and expertise to Lindsey Lodge Hospice.

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