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Celebrating 28 Years of Compassionate Service

Celebrating 28 Years of Compassionate Service: Margaret Johnson Retires from Lindsey Lodge

Staff and volunteers at Lindsey Lodge came together to celebrate Margaret Johnson, who is stepping down after 28 years of volunteering for Lindsey Lodge.

Margaret was inspired to volunteer at Lindsey Lodge when she discovered how valuable having a hospice locally is to its community. Margaret sadly lost her husband in 1990 during which time the nearest hospice was located in Lincoln. she recognised the profound impact a local hospice could have so when Lindsey Lodge opened its doors in 1992, Margaret knew she had to be part of this vital resource.

Since 1996, Margaret faithfully volunteered one day a week, initially in the hospice’s then-named “daycare” department. During this time Margaret had the honour of meeting Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II in 2002 when Her Majesty opened our in-patient unit with HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.

Throughout her impressive tenure, Margaret witnessed Lindsey Lodge’s growth and expansion. Yet, she poignantly observed,

“The patients are always the heart and soul of Lindsey Lodge. Having the opportunity to build friendships and listen to their stories has been an honour. I have gotten so much out of volunteering for Lindsey Lodge, I think it has given me more than I have given it.”

Margaret Johnson

Angela Allen, Wellbeing Centre Manager, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the invaluable role volunteers play.

“Margaret, like all our volunteers bring so much to our clinical settings. They provide a consistent friendly ear and support to our patients that make a huge difference to their wellbeing and mental health. During the 28 years that Margaret has been a part of our team she has helped 100s of patients and staff members at Lindsey Lodge, and we are immensely grateful for the dedication she has shown.”

Angelo Allen

Margaret made the difficult decision to retire based on her own mobility. She said,

“I wouldn’t want to be here if the patients felt they couldn’t fully rely on me,” she confided. “While the timing is right for me to step away, I will miss this deeply. I’ve been so touched by everyone’s kindness and the thoughtful cards and gifts I’ve received.”

Margaret Johnson

Volunteer With UsAt Lindsey Lodge, we take immense pride in our 240-strong volunteer force. They are the backbone of our charity, enabling us to deliver a multitude of essential services free of charge to the community, reaching those we might not otherwise be able to support. We strive to cultivate a mutually beneficial experience, ensuring our volunteers feel enriched by their contributions. We offer diverse volunteer opportunities across various aspects of our charity. Visit our “volunteer with us” page to learn more and join us in making a difference.

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