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Coming to Lindsey Lodge has given me hope

Coming to Lindsey Lodge has given me hope: Joanna Wilson talks about her time at Lindsey Lodge Hospice.

Joanna Wilson came to Lindsey Lodge Hospice and Healthcare in May 2024 to help control her Symptoms and build her strength. Joanna was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and after spending some time in hospital was referred to Lindsey Lodge to continue with her rehab.

Joanna was initially hesitant to come to the hospice mentioning that ‘the stigma of coming to a hospice is what you immediately think about, I thought it would be exactly like another hospital setting.’ However, Joanna found herself pleasantly surprised when she was admitted into our butterfly wing.

Our Butterfly Wing is built to focus a patient towards rehabilitation. The surroundings are designed to support patients with their independence with a view to being able to return home.

It was during her time at Lindsey Lodge that Joanna was given the news, from her consultant at the Hospital, that her prognosis had changed. Joanna’s prognosis was initially thought to be between 18 – 24 months, however, unfortunately, the treatment was no longer working and she was told she would now be facing 4 – 6 months.

It was a shock” Joanna explained. “I knew the treatment wasn’t working but I wasn’t expecting it”

Our team was there to support Joanna come to terms with this new prognosis and to help Joanna set goals for what she wanted to achieve with the time she had left.

What became clear was Joanna’s driving force to get home so that she could spend as much time as she could with her daughter and Grand-daughter. Joanna spent some time with Jo Price, our Complementary Therapist who has focused on hand and foot massages that help with the pain Joanna was experiencing and stimulate the nerves in her body. Our rehabilitation team then worked with Joanna to develop exercises that would build her strength and help her understand how she could still participate in her everyday activities safely.

Occupational health in a hospice setting.

Sarah Advanced Care Practitioner, Occupational Therapist led on her therapy input. She helped Joanna to build up strength, improve mobility and reduce swelling with simple objects she could find around the home.  A variety of clothes pegs were sourced with different tensions that Joanna could use to improve her hand dexterity. She used a frozen water bottle to help ease her foot pain by rolling it on the floor with her foot, as well as using our equipment at the hospice to help her to mobilise. The items are small basic household objects which can be repurposed so that Joanna can continue her therapy beyond the walls of the hospice.

Here at Lindsey Lodge we pride ourselves on giving a full holistic approach to our treatment plans, and it was in this that Joanna found the most value.

At Lindsey Lodge it was the first time throughout all of my treatment that someone had actually explained to me what effect the cancer was having on my body. I was sat with and explained it in a way that not only helped me to understand it, but also gave me the confidence to know that there were things I could still do, to make a difference.

The whole holistic approach has helped to re-frame my thoughts into a positive mind set. After the shock and upset I have experienced with the change in my prognosis I have managed to find hope, coming to Lindsey Lodge has actually given me hope and I wasn’t expecting that.

Joanna Wilson

Joanna is now getting ready to return home and spend the much-desired time with her family and friends. Her confidence has grown immeasurably and she now feels like she can now live independently and complete the day-to-day tasks that she had previously been fearful of.

Sarah said

It can be common for people like Joanna to withdraw from day to day activities and become consumed by their illness. Our Job often goes beyond medically returning people to fitness, it is often also about giving them permission to live.

Sarah Hodge

Joanna’s time at Lindsey Lodge has reframed her attitude to hospice care and she has come to realise that this is not just a place where people come to die. When asked how she would feel about returning to Lindsey Lodge Joanna said

I feel much happier about the thought of returning to Lindsey Lodge, it is a wonderful place and I would urge anyone who is stuck with the hospice stigma to come and actually experience it. Get to know the staff here who I found to be cheerful, positive and helpful

Joanna Wilson

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