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Celebrating Trustee Week with Alan Bell
Finishing up our Trustee week celebrations there was no better person we could choose to profile than our esteemed Chair of Trustees, Alan Bell.

Alan has been a trustee at Lindsey Lodge for six years, this is made up of two years as a trustee, one year as deputy chair and three years as Chair of Trustees. Alan has vast experience in a variety of different sectors, and as a Non-Executive Director in different organisations. It was during his time as Non-Executive Director at North Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital where he met Lindsey Lodge Chief Executive Karen Griffiths, who persuaded him to volunteer his time at our hospice.

A Trustee’s main job is to provide guidance to the executive team, to hold the Chief Executive to account and be accountable to the charity commission. As Chair, Alan works closely with Karen to look after the strategic direction of the hospice and maintains a healthy board.

As a charity, company and healthcare organisation Lindsey Lodge must be accountable to the Charity Commission, Companies house and the CQC, all of which have different requirements for their board. The main requirements the Lindsey Lodge Board must adhere to, is to ensure there is an appropriate representation that reflects our community and patient base, as well as mix of skills and expertise. A trustee can only be in post for nine years, which means there is a continual churn of Trustees in which Alan must ensure continues to meet these requirements.

Alan speaks further about his role.

“In other organisations a trustee/non-executive director would usually have more of a hands off role. However, it’s very difficult not to get involved at Lindsey Lodge as it is such a great place to be. As a hospice, retailer and fundraising organisation there is a lot of detail to understand. With a comparatively small executive team we need our trustees to lend their skills and expertise when required.“

Alan is very proud to have volunteered his 50 years of business experience to Lindsey Lodge to help us achieve some key milestones, in particular the acquisition of assets to help keep Lindsey Lodge sustainable. But most importantly, Alan enjoys working with the people who make Lindsey Lodge the place it is.

“Everyone who works and volunteers here is committed to making sure Lindsey Lodge consistently achieves high standards.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank the members of the Trustee Board who ensure we maintain a fantastic level of competence. Throughout my time here sustainability has always been a major issue to ensure the Hospice remains funded for the benefit of North Lincolnshire people. Every member of our board and executive team have been key in ensuring this happens and I am grateful for their years of advice and expertise.”

Everyone at Lindsey Lodge would like to express their thanks to Alan Bell for all the time, skill and guidance he volunteers to Lindsey Lodge.

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