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Trustee Week: Celebrating Denise Marsh

To celebrate Trustee Week, we are shining a light onto some of our Trustees to showcase their work at Lindsey Lodge. As part of this we spoke to Denise Marsh who has been a trustee for two years.

Denise’s role as a Trustee started when she had come to the end of her career in the education sector, as a teacher in a local special education school. Having been born and bred in the area she was recruited by Alan Bell, Chair of the Trustees, to represent our community.

Denise spoke more about her initial few months as a trustee,

“To be honest, I found it quite daunting to begin with, as I wanted to make sure I was adding value to our board. However, as I started to find my feet I really began to enjoy it. I love visiting our wellbeing unit and seeing the impact our wonderful team are making there.”

Denise is our Volunteer Champion, which involves keeping in contact with our vast volunteer base and ensuring they get a voice on our board. Denise volunteers a lot of her time to this role making sure to visit not only the volunteers at the Hospice, and carers group, but also in all of our retail stores too.

Denise has experienced the Lindsey Lodge service from both sides, having personally known people whose lives the hospice has touched, as well as taking an active role on the board. Denise feels proud to represent our Hospice and hearing all the wonderful things people have to say about it, as well as any areas for improvement. She goes on to say,

“I really love being a trustee, because I feel truly valued here. I never leave our wellbeing centre without a smile on my face. I think the staff and volunteers here at Lindsey Lodge are fantastic and can’t think of a better way to volunteer my time.”

We would like to say thank you to Denise for the dedication and time she has given to Lindsey Lodge.

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