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Lindsey Lodge has been delivering Reiki to patients and their carers for many years. However, thanks to training delivered by Geoff himself, Complimentary Therapist Jo and Healthcare Assistant Karen have now achieved their Level Two qualification. This fantastic achievement will allow our team to deliver even more Reiki options to more patients on a regular basis.

Operational Matron Karen says

‘The impact of these Reiki sessions on our patients have been astounding. Patients commonly show signs of reduced anxiety after their treatments and sleep much better. Many family members and friends comment on how they have seen the stress leave their loved ones bodies after a session.’

Reiki sessions are part of a collection of wellbeing sessions delivered by our team in order to support them mentally, physically and spiritually. Karen and Jo have been training for five weeks to learn the theory, skills and put it into practice.

Jo says

‘Patients can naturally be sceptical when starting these treatments, but we have found they work for about 80% of patients. Put simply, it helps them to reduce the mental chatter and calm emotional and spiritual distress. We are thrilled that we can now put our hard work into practice and help even more patients at Lindsey Lodge.’

Geoff has been a Trained Reiki Therapist for 10 years and enjoys volunteering at Lindsey Lodge to treat patients and upskill staff. Geoff says,

‘It’s fantastic that there is now more staff trained to deliver Reiki, as it has become really popular among the patients. It’s great to see patients leave the treatment rooms feeling a little lighter and less stressed at a time of immense struggle.’

Thanks to this upskilling the team plan to roll out these sessions further than the In-patients and Day care patients by offering it to our Carers Together group this month. The group of carers will partake in a pamper day led by the Operational matron to help them take a break and de stress.
To find out more about our wellbeing options delivered at Lindsey Lodge, Click Here.

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