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We're delighted that our latest Breathe Easy Enablement Programme (BEEP) cohort have been able to attend for the full day following the recent redesign of our Wellbeing Centre Service delivery.

We thought we'd share some  photos of the patients, their carers, advanced assistants, Specialist Physiotherapist, ACP Occupational Therapist, healthcare assistants, Complementary Therapist and volunteers who have been involved (Sylvia, our volunteer on Reception has been integral in keeping us all organised!)
We are yet to finalise the full impact, but from just early reviews of patient outcomes, functional mobility, and hearing their verbal feedback, we know there have been some significant improvements.
One patient told us: “I initially wasn’t keen on attending, but it has been the best decision. The BEEP programme has not just made a difference to my breathing, it has completely changed my life for the better!”

Well done to everyone involved!


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