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Maureen Georgiou, Director of Nursing and Patient Services, left her role at Lindsey Lodge this April. Maureen has lead the transformation of our clinical services over the last three years and the change to our traditional day care services to a blended Wellbeing Centre model will certainly be one of her memorable service developments.

Lindsey Lodge Chief Executive Karen Griffiths said: “We wish Maureen well, and will certainly be looking to replace her. We thank her for her work and the many service developments during her time with us.”

Maureen said: "I want to say thank you and good bye to everyone that I have had the pleasure to work with over this time, and to thank them for the positive approach to all the quality changes that I have made during this time. I am certainly very proud of my time here and what I have achieved. I wish to thank the team for the fabulous work that they do and hope that the changes made will allow further growth in the quality care of patients and will also allow career development and succession planning opportunities."

The final appointments to the new structure and roles following the last clinical review have now been completed. Congratulations to staff on their new roles, this is a very positive time for career progression, new roles and ways of working, and better care for patients, families and staff.

Sally Watson
The Quality and Education Lead will work closely with and report to the Director of Nursing and Patient Services and it key responsibilities are to provide support to all Clinical Services with education and training, quality, audit and improvement requirements for the Lindsey Lodge ensuring compliance with national and local legislation and initiatives.

Angela Allen
The Deputy for the Wellbeing Team and also a Lymphoedema Practitioner. Angela will assist the Wellbeing Manager in leading a multi-professional wellbeing team and ensure that care is safe and effective for both patients and carers and provides clinical and managerial leadership to the team in the absence of manager.

Elaine Bradley
Deputy Sister for the Inpatient Unit assisting the Senior Nurse in leading a multi-professional team. Working with the Director of Nursing and Patient Services to take responsibility for setting and maintaining the highest standards of care and support to patients, carers and families. The Hospice Liaison part of the role is for the development and maintenance of referral networks. Responsibilities include: collaborating with referral sources to ensure smooth and effective transfers to the hospice. Educating the healthcare community on the role of the hospice is an integral aspect of the role.

Karen Parkes
Advanced Nurse Practitioner who will be part of the clinical team using advanced practice skills to identify, assess, diagnose, treat and manage patients with palliative care needs. The Advanced Nurse Practitioner will act as a lead specialist within the hospice and work as part of the clinical team at an advanced practice level to support patients with the most complex needs. The Advanced Nurse Practitioner will be part of the 24/7 medical on-call rota with the support of the Medical Director.

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