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The Café that served multiple generations

An Amazing Donation
A volunteer led café, The Senior Citizens Pop-In Cafe located in Cary Lane, Brigg has sadly had to close its doors. Lindsey Lodge was chosen to receive a £10,000 as this was a cause close to Anthony's heart as they had provided compassionate care to his brother-in-law, John, who passed away in 2019.
Karen Griffiths, CEO of Lindsey Lodge said “It was a pleasure to meet Anthony and Maureen. Their donation is a fantastic amount and we are honoured they have chosen us. It will make a huge difference to Lindsey Lodge and the care that we provide. They have worked tirelessly in the Brigg cafe over many years and they are to be congratulated on their achievements which are remarkable, we thank them for this generous donation.”

A Café with compassion
The Senior Citizens Pop-In Cafe had been a pillar of the community since its opening on September 28th, 1978. Founded by a young lady, Carol Travers, who won a Lions Club competition, this café has been a haven for the senior citizens in the town. It has had a remarkable journey which has been upheld by the enduring dedication of Maureen Glossop, an OBE recipient for Public Voluntary Service to the community of Brigg and chairman Anthony Darker. Maureen had been ever present at the café, volunteering for 45 years since its opening in 1978. Maureen's presence has been a source of comfort and companionship for countless senior citizens, making the cafe a second home for them.

Sadly, due to circumstances out of their control, the Pop-In Cafe has now closed its doors. This marks the end of an incredible 45-year journey, leaving behind a legacy of friendship, compassion, and community. While the closure is undoubtedly bittersweet, the cafe's memories and the warmth it has provided will forever reside in the hearts of those who found solace and companionship within its walls.

The donation that Maureen and Anthony made on behalf of the Senior Citizens Pop-In Café will be remembered as an extreme act of kindness. This money will make a huge difference to Lindsey Lodge and will support care provided for all those accessing services provided by the hospice.

If you are inspired and would like to get involved in fundraising for Lindsey Lodge, you can donate here or contact us.

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