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Wishing you All a Very Happy and Healthy 2024

Wishing you All a Very Happy and Healthy 2024

Here’s hoping you have all had a very happy Christmas and enjoyed time with family and friends. As we move into the new year our desire to continue to make a difference to people’s health and well-being remains a strong focus. We have seen a year where by our teams generating income surpassed our plans and we thank and acknowledge the support of local people and business that have allowed us to do this, which is truly amazing. We have also seen the busiest year at the hospice as our 16 beds have been fully occupied and attendees accessing clinics and day care services has been constant. This is fantastic and demonstrates we play a very valuable role in health and social care within North Lincolnshire.

Our Hospice care aims to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of adults who have a terminal illness or a long term condition that cannot be cured, also known as life-limiting. It is free for patients, their carer’s and family members. Hospice care can be provided at any stage of a person’s condition, not just at the end of their lives. It can include symptom management, and social, practical, emotional and spiritual support. It helps people live as fully and as well as they can to the end of their lives, however long that may be. This type of care is also known as palliative care, and can also be provided in other places, such as in a hospital, at home, or in a community setting.

Looking forward into 2024 will hopefully bring us new opportunities to continue to develop our clinical services and strive to offer the highest standards of care and explore new relationships with other health and social care partners in a bid to secure and sustain our services. Demand for palliative and end of life care is increasing but resources are already stretched and hospices are under greater pressure than ever before to find ways to do more with less.

In order that more local people can access good care, despite these extraordinary funding challenges facing all hospices , we believe there is real opportunity to drive positive change. Let 2024 see us designing and engaging with hospice and system partners in a coordinated way, to share current innovation, practice and ideas in order to strengthen the sustainability of palliative and end of life care for the future in North Lincolnshire.

We hope you will continue to support us with our work and engage with us to share your experiences and ideas to continue to deliver high quality care that our local families deserve to receive.

Our sincere thanks and best wishes to our staff , volunteers and supporters, may 2024 bring you good health and happiness.

Karen Griffiths

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